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Membership is open to anyone with a professional interest in fighting fraud and financial crime.
Joining offers a wealth of professional development opportunities and practical benefits.

Student (associate)

£45 for 12 months

Associate student membership is open to individuals who are studying a fulltime or part-time under or post-graduate course with an interest in pursuing a career in the anti-fraud arena. This membership is also open to those undertaking an apprenticeship in a similar area. A course should lasts a minimum of one academic year. Membership is non-transferable.


£98 for 12 months

Individual membership is open to individuals who are not represented by any corporate or other body. Membership is non-transferable.


£2,269 for 12 months

Corporate membership is open to corporate and quasi-corporate bodies, partnerships and associations, including government departments and statutory bodies.

Corporate members can have an unlimited number of nominated employees involved in our activities and can change these employees at any time by notifying us. All corporate employees receive the discounted rates for our events.

What our members say about us

  • Sir David Green

    Since becoming Chair in January 2022, I have continued to be deeply impressed by the depth of knowledge and experience across the Fraud Advisory Panel and our membership. We continue to deliver events, campaigns, publications and guidance designed to tackle fraud across sectors and in areas that require support and guidance to be protected against fraud. I am excited and thrilled to be Chair of this organisation in our 25th year and at this most exciting of times.

    Sir David Green
  • Arun Chauhan

    In a time where fraud is rife, education is everything when it comes to prevention and there is no better organisation than the Fraud Advisory Panel delivering change through education and awareness.  I am passionate about educating clients and wider society about preventing fraud and being part of the Panel helps me continue to deliver on that aim.

    Arun Chauhan
    Trustee Director
  • Lord Garnier KC

    Economic crime, including fraud, bribery and other forms of corruption, as well as money laundering, not only represent a growing percentage of crimes committed within the United Kingdom, they are also a blight on our national reputation for being a safe and honest place in and from which to do business. I was therefore delighted to be asked to become the Patron of the Fraud Advisory Panel and to do what I can to help in its campaigning work to modernise the law relating to fraud, to increase public protection and political understanding of fraud and how it damages society, and to enhance the country’s ability to attract people and companies to set up businesses here.

    Lord Garnier KC
  • David Bacon

    The Panel is such a worthwhile organisation to be involved in because it has a significant voice in all the important debates. Coming from a legal background I also really value the opportunity to look at anti-fraud problems from the diverse perspectives of accountants, investigators and law enforcement.

    David Bacon
  • Oliver Shaw

    The Fraud Advisory Panel has an impressive track record in championing the plight of victims, using its independence, charitable status and extensive professional membership to influence positive changes in the UK’s fraud defences. I’m very proud to serve as a trustee and support FAP’s vital role as the voice of counter-fraud professionals.

    Oliver Shaw
  • Edna Young

    I wanted to continue to be able to make a real contribution to countering fraud, a crime which is so widespread, yet to which over many years government and law enforcement have dedicated little resource.  I also wanted to stay in touch with fellow financial crime professionals.

    I have found being involved with the Panel is the best way to achieve both of these.

    Edna Young
  • Frances Coulson

    For anyone wanting to strengthen their personal contribution to fighting fraud, while learning more and expanding their circle of contacts among like-minded professionals, the Panel is a great place to get involved.

    Frances Coulson
  • Jonathan Holmes

    The Panel is such a dynamic source of new and original training, expertise and thinking on how to combat this mutating threat. Being part of it is an opportunity to make a positive difference as well as to deepen my professional understanding.

    Jonathan Holmes
  • Lee Fitzgerald

    Being at the coalface, I see what the devastating impact of fraud can do to businesses and individuals. I am in a position to bring valuable insight and contribute to ideas which can help prevent fraud. Being part of the Fraud Advisory Panel gives me the platform to make a difference”. Lee Fitzgerald

    Lee Fitzgerald
  • Rachel Sexton

    Being a trustee and a member is a chance to make a real contribution to the wider fight against fraud, but I also get so much out of it. I enjoy the wide variety of people that I meet at meetings and events. I learn so much from people with different backgrounds who have expert knowledge about different aspects of anti-fraud. The conversations are very rich!

    Rachel Sexton
  • Patrick Rappo

    I joined because of the Panel’s outstanding work in law reform, information, education and research. I am still impressed that so many enormously experienced people give so much time, expertise and sheer determination to fighting the good fight. It is thoroughly enjoyable, but it is a privilege too.

    Patrick Rappo

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