Norwich-Pharmacal-Orders-1st-ed-Mar21 document cover

Norwich Pharmacal Orders

Chairman-Interviews-January-2022 document cover

Interviews with Chairs

Safer-Giving-Crowdfunding-WEB-Ed-2-Jan22 document cover

Giving safely: a guide to donating through crowdfunding sites

Find out how to donate safely through crowdfunding sites to help the people and causes you care about.
Property Title Fraud (Final) Dec21 document cover

Protect your property: property title fraud

Your property is probably the most valuable thing you will ever own. Find out how to protect it from fraud.
Norwich Pharmacal Orders (1st ed) Mar21 document cover

Norwich Pharmacal Orders

This guide explains the purpose of Norwich Pharmacal Orders and when they can be used to help fraud victims during investigations into wrongdoing.
UK Justice System (1st ed) Oct2020 document cover

UK justice system

This guide provides an overview of the UK justice system and explains some of the most common terms used.
Civil Fraud and Asset Recovery (2nd ed) Oct2020 document cover

Civil Fraud & Asset Recovery

This guide explains how fraud is usually dealt with under the civil law in England and Wales and how it can be used to recover losses.
Private Prosecutions (2nd ed) July2020 document cover

Private prosecutions

This guide explains private prosecutions and how and why a fraud victim might seek to bring one.
Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (3rd ed) July2020 document cover

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

This guide provides a general overview of UK anti-money laundering legislation and its implications for many professions and sectors.