Preventing fraud on social media Apr21 document cover

Preventing fraud on social media: joint position statement April

Policy recommendations on preventing fraud on social media.
Calm before the storm Jul20 document cover

Calm before the storm: UK counter fraud in 2019

Review of the UK counter fraud landscape in 2019.
Corporate liability reform Sep19 document cover

Corporate liability reform

Policy recommendations on the need for a failure to prevent economic crime offence and an independent review of the identification principle.
Hidden in plain sight Jul19 document cover

Hidden in plain sight

Review of corruption, fraud and integrity in the UK.
Fraud futures Jul18 document cover

Fraud futures

Review of the changing face of fraud and what it might look like in future.
Businesses behaving badly Jul17 document cover

Businesses behaving badly

Review of the impact of corporate culture, behaviour and ethics on fraud.
The fraud review ten years on Jul16 document cover

The fraud review: ten years on

Review of progress made since the landmark 2006 UK Fraud Review.
Abuse of company incorporation Nov12 document cover

The abuse of company incorporation to commit fraud

Summary of a roundtable to consider the abuse of incorporation to commit fraud and how to combat it.
Fraud in local authorities Dec11 document cover

Fraud in local authorities: past, present and future

Summary of two roundtables to consider the nature and extent of fraud against local authorities in England and Wales.